Flooring Options at Volaré Tiles + Flooring

Volare Tiles + Flooring offers an attractive range of flooring options for your residential or commercial projects. Flooring is a key focus of our design development and product offering,
with a variety of colours, wood grain patterns and types available to choose from. 

Engineered Timber Flooring
Engineered timber flooring is an ideal alternative to achieving a solid hardwood flooring look in your home, offering value for money without sacrificing visual looks or performance.
Installation does not require nails, time, and professional effort as traditional hardwood flooring does, and each panel has multiple protective, strengthening layers as well as a real hardwood top surface. It’s a great, durable choice!

Volare Elk Falls Hardwood in ‘Copper Still’

Laminate Flooring
Comparable to engineered wood flooring but more affordable again, the difference with laminate flooring lies in its composition, thickness, and finish. As a synthetic product, the
pattern in the flooring is repeated, creating a cohesive, consistent look. It’s great for smaller budgets and performs well in high-traffic areas. Volare Tiles + Flooring also have a
water-resistant range.

Volare Entiva Oakleaf Laminate Flooring in ‘Ivory’

Waterproof Hybrid Flooring
Volare’s 100% Waterproof Hybrid Flooring is the innovative, improved floating floor that combines the best characteristics of both laminate and vinyl flooring. Its top advantages include
its waterproof nature, user-friendly technology (and therefore DIY suitability), and its ability to maintain integrity in temperature chance. A great eco-friendly choice, too!

Check out our Innovation | Prestige ranges here

Vinyl Planks
Loose lay vinyl planks also have several great advantages! Their moisture resistance makes them ideal for any room in the house, especially the bathroom and laundry. Low maintenance in cost and incredibly easy to clean, they can last decades if cared for well.

Check out our Ultimo range here

The team at Volare Tiles + Flooring can help you choose the perfect option for your space, considering lifestyle, budget, and priorities. For renovation projects, commercial builds and everything in between, we’re sure to have something you’ll love!