Introducing Enzo Micro Tech. A nonslip, matt finish tile suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Enzo Micro Tech tile is a welcomed new addition to the Volaré tile range. With a high level of slip resistance with no superficial roughness, this tile has the functionality of a standard matt finish tile with added non slip technology. With superior cleanability due to its soft ‘feel’ touch, we are proud to supply a product that can create ease throughout the home.

This tile uses innovative technology to surpasses the P4 slip resistance on the wet pendulum test, meaning it meet Technical Building Code requirement threshold for exterior surfaces without compromising a soft ‘feel’ touch.  This makes the Enzo Micro Tech the perfect tile for both indoor and outdoor use, for both home and commercial property. 

We highly recommend this tile for areas that receive heavy traffic to prevent trips and falls, without compromising style. Available in four neutral colourways - Sand, Moon, Cinder and Coal – the range complements most design palettes.