Now Available: Latest Atlas Concorde Collections Direct From Italy

Volaré Tiles and Flooring is proud to provide Australia with highly versatile and innovative Atlas Concorde tiles from Italy. Three newly released collections are now available at our showrooms; Marvel Shine, Venti Boost and Prism.

The ceramic and porcelain tiles of these collections can cover both walls and floors and are a safe choice with many benefits, including versatility, recyclability, durability, an inability to burn, as well as being free from PVC and VOCS.

Take a read below about the new collections, which are a very attractive and impressive option in Volaré’s tile catalogue.

Atlas Marvel Shine

The Marvel Shine tiles have a marble-look and are both inspired by and an interpretation of traditional Italian white marble.

They come in four tones with both warm and cool veins and are a timeless addition to any space. Check them out here.

IMAGE Atlas Marvel Shine | All four tones Calacatta Delicato, Calacatta Prestigio, Calacatta Imperiale & Statuario Supremo

Atlas Venti Boost

The Venti Boost tiles have a concrete look and are inspired by encaustic tiles of the 19th and 20th century.

They are designed to enhance common spaces of both residential and commercial areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and backdrops.

They are highly pictorial and come in warm, cool and classic mixes. Check them out here.

Atlas Prism

The Prism tiles have a resin and colour look and are the imagined result of a rainbow created through prism light. The range has a velvet touch and includes both neutral and vivid colours, allowing for the creation of captivating mixes with strong personalities.

The tiles have a velvet touch and come in 13 soft tones.

IMAGE Atlas Prism | Bloom

For more information about these ranges, get in touch with our friendly staff here or visit us in store at your nearest Volaré Tiles and Flooring Showroom.