When it come to tiles, bland is out and patterns are in! We are excited to introduce the Tagina D’Antan range, a collection of tiles inspired by the Mediterranean Kingdom of Morocco, where pattern, colour and texture reign in the tile world. The tiles in the Tagina D’Antan range are simply stunning, featuring classic Moroccan patterns in an array of colours to suit any palate. 

These beautifully patterned tiles will inject life in to any space, and are the perfect way to introduce personality to a room that might otherwise be lacking character. A Moroccan tiled floor adds a quirky touch to an otherwise bland bathroom or kitchen. By balancing a statement tile like the Tagina D'Antan Etoile with neutral cabinetry and furniture, it is possible to achieve a fresh look that embodies modern sophistication. 

If using patterned tiles on an entire floor or wall seems too daunting, we suggest using them for a smaller area, such as a splashback or shower wall, where they will create an artistic focal point that instantly draws the eye. 

A collection of mismatched but coordinating Moroccan tiles makes a great feature piece on a floor or wall. Laying tiles in this less conventional checkerboard manner is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! When done with monochrome black and white Morroccan tiles, like the Tagina D'Antan Etoile Noir Blanc, the end result is bold yet timeless. 

When searching for your next design idea, look beyond the plain and boring. Visit our showroom to see our beautiful Tagina D’Antan range and imagine what a touch of Morocco could bring to your home.