Now In: New Volaré Marble Mosaic Tiles

With innovation and trends always at the forefront of its offering, Volaré Tiles + Flooring’s new collection of mosaic tiles is now available in all showrooms; Entiva Stone Mosaic Marble.

The collection has been added to Volaré’s very own Entiva Range, which contributes to much of their tile catalog and provides Australian’s with highly versatile and innovative products.

Made of real marble and natural stone with a honed finish, the multiple shapes were chosen with popularity and modernity in mind. Penny rounds and herringbone are the timeless patterns, with the hexagon, long hexagon and fan shape brought in for a contemporary look.

With stone and marble remaining a favourite amongst recent trends, Interior Designer Elise Madden of Volaré’s Newtown showroom says that the new release is a natural extension of one of Volaré’s most popular collections, the Entiva Calacatta Mosaic range.

We felt that the time was right to build upon the luxurious and timeless range. Just bringing in some colour has really given it that “wow” factor,” Elise says.

The new Entiva Stone Mosaic Marble collection is available in three colourways - pink, green and carrara - which cater for a range of aesthetic preferences and personal style. Carrara, the most common Italian marble with its striking grey veining and white base, is the perfect, classic neutral. “Pink can be daring and bold, and green can suit more earthy, subtle styles” Elise explains.

Incredibly well received by customers, the green in the Entiva Stone Mosaic Marble range has been a big hit already. Ready to reimagine your space?

Take a closer look at the new marble mosaic tile collection. Available in all showrooms now!

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