Timber Floorboard Layout Designs

Volaré Tiles + Flooring offers an expansive array of timber and wood-look flooring options, with prices and colours that are sure to complement any budget and vision. No matter the flooring option you decide is best for your project, you can be sure that Volare’s timber flooring range will deliver a natural beauty along with the durability you need.

Once you have the perfect flooring selected, whether that be timber, laminate, hybrid or vinyl planks, choosing a layout design for your space is just as important and has as much impact as the product itself. The layout design you choose for your flooring can do many things, including enhancing living comfort, adding character and increasing resale value.

Below are some of the most popular patterns for your flooring layout design.

Grid - This universal pattern is one of the most common layouts and perhaps the easiest to lay. Planks are laid in line with other planks, just how tiles are usually laid.

50/50 Offset - The timber flooring layout you’re probably most familiar with is the 50/50 Offset layout which positions the start of one tile halfway through the one next to it. This classic look will be your safest option as it is a timeless layout!

50/50 offset flooring with Entiva Elk Falls in the colour Natural Hickory

Herringbone - This pattern is achieved when positioning wooden planks perpendicular to another plank, aligning them alongside one another. A simpler way to think of the Herringbone pattern is a zig-zag which delivers a point of difference in your layout design.

Parquetry flooring in a herringbone pattern for a home in Brighton

Chevron - Lay the timber on a 45 degree angle while alternating the planks. This has a high degree of difficulty given your angles need to be millimetre perfect! A flooring expert may be the safest option but the DIYer would love the challenge.

Staggered - If you’re after a style that’s closer to the ‘random’ side of design, you can always lay your floorboards in a Staggered layout which involves starting one plank about 20% or 80% up the previous tile. Think of the old lego walls you used to build with long pieces.

If you’re looking for something different or something more than the above floorboard layout styles, you can always get creative and combine patterns! Broken chevron flooring is a good example of this.

Choosing the perfect layout to showcase your space can be overwhelming. That’s where our expert team comes in! From conception through to delivery and installation, we can provide you with all of the information and support you need. Contact our team today!