Fifth Avenue, New York is where design trends are set. It is also where Italian fashion mogul Valentino has recently decorated his high-end fashion boutique with floor to ceiling terrazzo tiles. In Valentino’s flagship store, renowned interior designer David Chipperfield has paired these stunning tiles with marble, timber and brass accents to achieve a strikingly sophisticated palazzo look.

We believe that glossy terrazzo tiles look just as stylish in the home as they do on Fifth Avenue or in the Venetian Palaces where they originated. The Marvel Gem Terrazzo Marvel Gem Terrazzo range allows the subtle opulence of terrazzo tiles to be added to any room as a part of a renovation or new build. 

The versatility of terrazzo tiles is remarkable. Terrazzo tiles are simply perfect for small spaces, splashbacks, and as accent tiles, matched with furniture or other features in the room. They also perform well on larger surfaces. To emulate Valentino’s floor-to-ceiling look, try the larger format in a chic soft grey palate that looks impeccable on walls and floors. 

The palate of colours available in the Marvel Gem range provides an option for every look and location. The colours in the range vary from earthy to dramatic. Choose classic black to exude class, or try a paler shade to achieve the look of modern luxury. 

Why not take inspiration from Valentino and bring a touch of high-end influence to your home this season? We encourage you to come by our show room to see for yourself just how beautiful these terrazzo tiles truly are.