2024's Tile Trends: Ignite Your Space with the Hottest Tiles

As the year unfolds, 2024's tile trends have confidently taken centre stage and we’re excited to give you the rundown of the top five tile ranges launching into popularity in Australia (with two special mentions at the end).

The below ranges are ranked by Volare Tiles + Flooring team members who are experts in the Australian flooring industry who have boots-on-the-ground knowledge and direct from customer insights. 

Let’s get started.

#5 Organic Range of Porcelain Tiles

Starting the 2024 tile trends list strong at number five is the Organic Porcelain tile range that has been designed to last a lifetime with top quality manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Having said that, the true design strength of the Organic Range, that our customers love, is the effortless ability to capture light and illuminate any space. It serves as the perfect blank canvas to build your interior decorating upon with enhanced ambiance.

See how past customers have used the four hues of the Organic Range of Porcelain Tile Range to create the perfect foundation to capture and enhance their unique personalities and interior design.

sand colour floor tiles with blue couches

#4 Handmade Naturals Range

Owners of the Handmade Naturals tiles would protest this range being ranked at number 4 on this 2024 tile trends list because of the profound impact it has made in their home and life - and who would blame them. 

The Handmade Naturals tile range introduces nature's palette into your day-to-day living allowing a connection with nature from the comfort of your home. 

Thanks to the rich colour and imperfect texture of each tile, you will be left with an overwhelming story of lovingly craftsmanship of a skilled artist who pour their expertise and passion into every piece.

Continue to see the beautiful Handmade Naturals range page and see rich and serene greens, rich browns, muted greys and pristine white tiles in action.

#3 Real Stone Range

From sophisticated floors to captivating accent walls, the Real Stone tile ranges dares us to explore the artistic side of interior design that resonates with sophistication. 

The real accomplishment of this range is the organic beauty of nature's grandeur.

In fact, it’s the impeccable craftsmanship and array of five natural stone colour options that is making the Real Stone tile range so popular amongst the designers and architects of Australia - something which the home renovators are quickly catching on to.

View the stunning photography of the Real Stone tile range and see the range of natural colours available to you.

#2 Berlin Range by Entiva

Entiva has taken the market by storm with the Berlin range of ceramic tiles which harnesses the beauty of curated concrete while creating a unique blend of sophistication and versatility making them a popular choice for interior or exterior spaces.

Our flooring consultants have had customers visit our flooring showrooms searching for a tile to make both bold statements and achieve subtle, sophisticated looks in their home. Thanks to the Berlin ranges embodiment of style and quality in ceramic tile design our customers can comfortably make their design decisions.

Continue to Berlin by Entiva range page to see what impact these tiles can make in your life.

#1  Supreme Memories Range by Flavika

Coming in at number one in the hottest tile trends in 2024 is the Supreme Memories range which is rapidly delivering class and prestige to homes and businesses all around Australia. 

The new range of tile surfaces use cutting-edge technology to enhance the aesthetic potential of the marble effect, transforming porcelain stoneware into a powerfully evocative material capable of conveying emotions while fulfilling the needs of contemporary designs.

Technically, the Supreme Memories tile range comes with innovations. Their new 3D Tech technology allows thick layers of various ceramic materials to be applied in perfect alignment with the underlying graphic designs. And a unique P.Tech technology improves tile slip resistance while maintaining pleasant tactile sensation

You can read more about the Supreme Memories range here or see our special writeup on Flaviker Tiles which highlights the world-famous Italian manufacturer who is thriving in the world of eco-friendly tile production.

Supreme Memories bianco vagli white marble

Special Mentions

The top five spots in the hottest tile trends are so competitive our flooring experts wanted to shout-out two tiles ranges that were unlucky to miss the list.

Travertine Tile Range

First range to highlight is the Travertine tile range that is a popular choice for various indoor and outdoor design applications. 

Its distinctive veining patterns are making waves within the design community which are magnified by the grey, sand and white colours it comes in.

To be fair, it is also worth mentioning that there is a second part of this range being released later in 2024 which may thrust it deep into the lists top five by year's end.