Laminate Flooring in Melbourne, Geelong and Canberra

Laminate flooring is taking Australia by storm quickly becoming renovators, architects and interior designers favourite asset when making a home or commercial space look stunning, comfortable and cost effective.

Laminate flooring is a terrific alternative to hardwood floorboards as they are nearly identical in appearance with a vast range of colours and wood grains plus have a long list of benefits.

Volare are committed to supplying Australian’s with top quality, attractive, modern and cost effective flooring options which is why we’re excited to deliver new laminate flooring ranges that are loaded with features and peace of mind product guarantees.

Volare’s range of laminate flooring in Melbourne, Geelong and Canberra offers a stunning point of difference in the flooring market when it comes to deciding on the flooring for your property.

You can drop into any of Volare’s flooring showrooms to ask the team questions, otherwise you can continue reading all the information below.

Laminate Flooring Benefits?

  • Affordability

    Most people learn of laminate flooring due to its cost-effectiveness. Because laminate flooring is made mostly from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures, it's considerably more affordable than natural timber.

  • Durability

    Not only is the timber material of laminate flooring hard-wearing, but you never have to strip and re-polish laminate timber flooring.

  • Easy Cleaning

    It's crucial to recognize that laminate flooring is particularly sensitive to moisture. Excessive exposure to water can cause warping, swelling, or even irreparable damage. Therefore, it's imperative to adopt proper cleaning methods to preserve its integrity and lifespan.

    When maintaining laminate flooring, opting for a microfiber spray mop is highly recommended. Unlike traditional mops or excessive wet mopping, which can saturate the floor and seep into the seams, a microfiber spray mop offers a gentle yet effective cleaning solution. Its fine fibers trap dust, dirt, and grime without drenching the surface, thereby minimizing the risk of moisture penetration.

    By incorporating a microfiber spray mop into your cleaning routine, you not only ensure a sparkling clean floor but also safeguard against potential water-related issues. This proactive approach helps prolong the beauty and durability of your laminate flooring, ensuring years of enjoyment and functionality.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time homeowner, laying laminate flooring can be a straightforward process when you have the right knowledge and tools.

Did You Know?

  • Laminate Flooring is three times more rigid than LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) resulting in less subfloor preparation? Small subfloor imperfections will not warp and distort your flooring anymore.
  • Laminate Flooring also has ten times more impact resistance than WPC (a vinyl flooring option which stands for Wood Plastic Composite) meaning less scratches and dents through the lifetime of your new floor.

Things to consider when picking laminate flooring

Is laminate flooring the right decision for you? It’s worth considering given their array of colours, visual appeal and functionality designed to last.

When you decide that laminate flooring is the ideal flooring for your project, things to consider are:

  • What will be the best wooden floor board colour for your space
  • Will the laminate flooring be suitable for children and pets
  • The cost to lay laminate flooring in your space
  • Can you DIY lay the laminate flooring yourself? Or do you need a professional
  • What patterns can you lay the flooring
  • We’ll answer all these flooring questions below

Laminate Flooring Colours, Woodgrains, Shapes, Sizes & Finishes

Volare’s laminate flooring has an expansive array of natural woodland colours and beautiful woodgrains which will inspire your flooring decision. You can visit a laminate flooring showroom to get hands on with the rich woodland taupes, light and dark shades of oak floorboards, domestic Australian wood tones or the lighter stone grey or nordic grey timber floor board.

Unlike laminate or some wood-look tiles, Volare’s laminate flooring is supplied in planks and mostly in a matt finish with several gradings. You will recognise them as long thin rectangles which feature natural wood grain aesthetics, elegance and beauty.

Timber Floorboard Layout Designs

50/50 Offset - The laminate flooring layout you’re probably most familiar with is the 50/50 Offset layout which positions the start of one tile half way through the one next to it. This classic look will be your safest option as it is a timeless layout.

Herringbone - achieved when positioning wooden planks perpendicular to another plank. Align them alongside one another. A simpler way to think of the Herringbone pattern is a zig-zag which delivers a point of difference in your layout design.

Chevron - Lay the planks on a 45 degree and while alternating the strips. This has a high degree of difficulty given your angles need to be millimetre perfect! A laminate flooring expert may be the safest option but the DIYer would love the challenge.

Staggered - If you’re after a style that’s closer to the ‘random’ side of design, you can always lay your floorboards in a Staggered layout which involves starting one plank about 20% or 80% up the previous tile. Think of the old lego walls you used to build with long pieces.

If the above laminate floorboard layout styles aren’t enough you can always get creative and thrown in all sorts of patterns in your flooring - like adding straight lines then filling them with diagonal Chevron style planks. Google ‘broken chevron flooring’ for inspiration.

How to lay laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is built with edges that connect with each other without the assistance of glues or adhesives.

Does Laminate Flooring Need Underlay?

Yes, in all cases, laminate flooring requires an underlayment. Underlayment serves several important purposes when installing laminate floors:

Moisture Barrier - Many underlayment's have a built-in moisture barrier or are designed to resist moisture. This helps protect the laminate flooring from moisture that can come up from the subfloor, preventing issues such as warping or swelling.

Sound Absorption - Underlayment helps reduce sound transmission, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment. This is especially important in multi-story buildings or areas where noise reduction is a concern.

Smooth Surface - Underlayment helps create a smooth and even surface for the laminate flooring. It helps to hide minor imperfections in the subfloor and ensures a more consistent appearance.

Cushioning - Some underlayments provide a certain level of cushioning, making the floor more comfortable to walk on. This can be particularly beneficial in areas where people may stand for extended periods.

Insulation - Underlayment can offer thermal insulation, helping to keep the floor warmer in cold weather. This is especially relevant in installations over concrete slabs.

It's important to note that the specific requirements for underlayment may vary depending on the type of laminate flooring, the subfloor material, and the manufacturer's recommendations. Always refer to the installation instructions provided by the laminate flooring manufacturer, as they often specify the type of underlayment to use and may have guidelines for installation.

What is the cost of Laminate Flooring

Compared with other forms of flooring, such as polished concrete or traditional hardwood timber flooring that requires nails, time and professional contractors for installation you will notice that Volare’s laminate timber flooring is affordable, maximises value for money and does not sacrifice visual looks or floor board performance.

You can visit Volare’s timber flooring showroom in Melbourne (Richmond), Geelong and Canberra to view the laminate flooring prices for each range and style.

Volare sells laminate flooring by the square metre (m2) and box sizes may vary based upon size, style and manufacturer.

Need more information on laminate flooring costs? Our flooring team is ready to help you - find your closest timber flooring showroom here.

Laminate Flooring maintenance

A common question our customers ask is “is timber flooring easy to maintain?”.

In short - yes!

Laminate flooring is both versatile and durable which can be trusted to remain strong and stable even in high foot-traffic areas without losing quality, visual appeal or performance.

Volare’s laminate floorboards can be swept, vacuumed and mopped as they are highly water resistant which is perfect for households with small children or pets.

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