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Using Wall and Floor Tiles in Your Home

Tiles are a classic choice when it comes to flooring and have spoiled the Australian renovator with a huge variety of looks, shapes, styles and colours to decorate homes in the most beautiful and functional ways. The material tiles are made of are so durable and resistant to neutral elements it’s no surprise that tiles have been used for thousands of years all across the world.

Let’s discover why tiles are a great flooring option for your house - and not just in the bathroom and laundry - but all through the property, inside and outside.

  • Tiles are life-friendly and reliable
  • A dream to maintain and keep clean
  • A solid flooring choice that will last decades
  • DIY renovators dream

Get prepared to unleash your inner-creativity and become an interior designer because tiles can deliver all looks and styles without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Kitchen splashback tiles are a great kitchen design example - you can go the safe and elegant option of solid white subway tiles which will suit most kitchens and look terrific. Otherwise there are many decorative tiles, such as retro or marble tiles, which can quickly become the centerpiece of any kitchen renovation.

kitchen splashback tiles

Tiles are Life-Friendly and Reliable

When it comes to interior designing or furnishing a house there is quite often a fine balance between achieving something that looks great and something that is functional.

With flooring you can skip that debate with your partner and both agree that wall and floor tiles are a great solution as they provide the stunning looks you want to achieve in your house while delivering the functionality and reliability you need to live comfortably.

  • Allergy Free- Unlike carpet and rugs, tiles won’t trap the small allergenic substances which can flare up allergies and create irritable reactions within people. Any dust, pollen and other contaminants can be simply swept or vacuumed away without being trapped by fabrics and pores in the flooring.
  • Hygienic- Not only are tiles easy to wash and keep clean but they are resistant to water damage and its effects. Tiles won’t suffer from mold and black mold which can be a serious damage to one's health and well being.
  • Pet Friendly (and Child-Friendly!) - After installing a new floor the last thing you want to see is dents, scratches and stains from the little ones in the family. You can rest easy knowing that your dogs sharp claws won’t leave scratches in your floor tiles and your toddlers' spilt food can easily be wiped up without leaving a stain.
bathroom blue subway tiles

A Flooring Choice That Will Last Decades

Whether you’re renovating a house to flip in the short term or are building your forever home, the floor and wall tiles you choose can last a lifetime. Archaeologists are still finding natural stone tiles used by the Roman Empire - so that’s a good indication of the longevity of tiles.

  • Durable - Your tile flooring is meant to be walked on so let’s not shy away from it! Using floor tiles as your choice flooring will provide a long-lasting and durable surface for your family and guests to walk on without causing damage. And yes, your floor tiles will resist even the most adventurous high heels.
  • Termite Proof - Termites can be a house owner's worst nightmare. If a termite infestation takes hold of the property it can be expensive to remove them and fix any flooring damage. Tiles have a big advantage over wooden floorboards because they are 100% termite proof.
  • Long Lasting - Ceramic floor tiles can last decades, even beyond a century, when cared for and maintained accordingly making them a super-long lasting floor option when compared to traditional wood flooring. The only thing you will need to keep an eye on (many decades down the track) is the grout sealing which is an easy repair job.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Flooring - The difference between indoor tiles and outdoor tiles is the non-slip safety design which is created by a slightly rougher tile surface for extra grip underfoot when wet. It’s important to note that there is a separate category to browse for outdoor tiles.

Your Flooring Will be a Dream to Maintain

When it comes to choosing a floor with easy maintenance, cleaning and durability without sacrificing looks and beauty then tiles could be the best flooring you can choose for your home. If you have kids, animals or messy friends then you won’t need to keep an array of carpet cleaners chemicals on hand to clean up messes and prevent stains.

  • Low Maintenance & Easy To Clean - To keep tiles clean all you need is cheap dry mop for the surface level dirt and grit and a wet mop for the tougher marks like muddy footprints. A simple rag and elbow grease may be all you need to remove shoe scuffs from tile flooring.
  • Won’t Absorb Odors - Due the the non-porous composition of floor and wall tiles they won’t absorb any moisture and won’t become smelly over time which is why tiles are ideal for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Elite Water Resistance Rating - Did you know that all the tile ranges at Volare go through rigorous testing to determine their density and water adsorption rates? Yep - and tiles generally come in the range of ‘Fully Vitreous’ to ‘Impervious’ when it comes to water resistance - which isn’t surprising given they are ceramic, porcelain or natural stone.
  • Fire and Heat Resistant - Tiles are a very safe flooring option around fire places, ovens and warm areas. Heat will not affect tiles and even compliment underfloor heating. This also means that if you run out of wood for the fire then tiles will not be a suitable replacement as tiles do not burn.

Laying Tiles is a DIY Renovators Dream

Laying tiles can absolutely be done by the DIY renovator enthusiast who has the proper materials, tools and access to ‘how to lay tiles tutorial’ on YouTube (or speak to the friendly staff at the Volare Tiles + Flooring showrooms around Australia) so you don’t have to pay expensive tradesmen.

In addition to having your floor and wall tiles on hand, the tools you require to lay tiles are:

  • Tile cutter and an angle grinder for the trickier cuts
  • Tile glue and a bucket (and something to mix it with)
  • Tile spreader
  • Spacers
  • Levels
  • Grout
  • Protective equipment
  • Measuring tools and a pencil
laying floor tiles

Wall and Floor Tiles Design Inspiration

You’re on the internet right now so tile design inspiration is only a quick search away - but when you do find interior design styles you like then come on back and check out the wide range of wall and floor tiles Volare has to offer.

The tile possibilities are endless and the designs are versatile - even if your partner thinks a timber floor would look best then that’s no problem because there are wood look floor tiles which have the natural aesthetics of a wooden plank with all the versatile benefits and longevity of a tile without the imperfections and installation costs of wood.

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