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Our friendly team at Volare Tiles + Flooring have put together terrific articles on tiles and tiling information drawing upon years of industry experience for your convenience. Whether you’re a enthusiastic DIYer taking on a tiling project or an architect seeking information on new and impressive tiles ranges in Australia, the below resources can help. Need something specific? Our friendly team of tile experts are always available for a chat about your upcoming flooring project.

Tile Material and Tile Finish Guide

Tile Material and Tile Finish Guide

Discover all the tile materials available and specific tile finishes for different purposes. Find out what suits your needs best. Continue Reading

Benefits of Using Tiles

Benefits of Using Tiles in Your House

Australian renovators are spoiled for choice of looks, styles and tile colours to decorate homes in beautiful and functional ways Continue Reading

Comprehensive Guide to Tile Grout

Your Comprehensive Guide to Tile Grout

Grout is super functional and is diversely decorative. Learn the what, why and how’s of tile grout here. Continue Reading

Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Space

Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Space

There are many factors to think about when selecting tiles, such as size, shape, colour, material, layout and cost considerations. Continue Reading

timber tiles

Best Alternative to Hardwood: Timber Tiles

The rapid rise of wood look timber tiles in Australia is staggering. But not surprising. See why timber tiles are booming. Continue Reading

tile slip rating

Tile Slip Ratings Explained in Detail

Did you know that every tile has a slip rating? It’s important to know the rating when selecting tiles for specific rooms in your home. Continue Reading

flaviker tiles

Brand Spotlight: Flaviker Tiles

Flaviker are world-famous Italian ceramic producer, renowned for quality, innovation, eco-sustainability and constantly evolving style. Continue Reading

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