Handmade Naturals

Elevate your space with a new timeless style in earthy tones and beautiful textures

Earthy tones reimagined with elegance in the Handmade Naturals range

woodland green handmade subway tiles

Your space is your canvas, a reflection of your individuality. With Volare’s Handmade Naturals range of wall tiles, we invite you to embark on a design journey that transcends time and style. These tiles are a testament to the seamless fusion of earthy elegance with elements of mid-century, vintage, industrial, and classic design, allowing you to curate an environment that speaks uniquely to you.

From rustic terracottas to serene greens, rich browns, muted grays, and pristine whites, the Handmade Naturals tile range introduces nature's palette into your space with a touch of timeless charm.

Each tile is a masterpiece, lovingly crafted by skilled artists who pour their expertise and passion into every piece. The result is a collection of tiles that seamlessly blend influences from different eras and design aesthetics, adding character and depth to your living spaces.

Two sizes, endless versatility & artisanal excellence

Whether your vision includes captivating feature walls, vintage-inspired backsplashes, industrial-chic floors, or classic accents, our tiles offer boundless creativity. Opt for the classic 132x132mm tiles for a uniform, traditional look, or embrace the contemporary 50x250mm tiles to explore design dimensions and create an atmosphere of openness.

Colours: Snow | Sand | Terracotta | Verde | Cotto

Sizes: 132x132mm | 50x250mm

Finish: Satin

Suitability: Wall

woodland green handmade subway tiles

Design to elevate your space with Handmade Naturals range of wall tiles

Your living space is a canvas for your aspirations. With our Handmade Naturals range of wall tiles, you can create an environment that evolves with you. Forge a space that resonates with your love for nature, timeless elegance, and the rich tapestry of design styles that have shaped our world.

Embrace the seamless fusion of earthy tones, where rustic terracottas dance alongside serene greens, rich browns, muted grays, and pristine whites. These tiles are a symphony of design, marrying influences from mid-century chic, vintage allure, industrial aesthetics, and timeless classics. With each tile meticulously crafted, your space becomes a canvas to transcend time, one tile at a time. Unleash your inner designer and curate a unique masterpiece that tells a story of sophistication, character, and your unwavering design vision.

Browse the humbing tones and textures that are available in the Handmade Naturals rage and browse through to their product pages below.

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