Discover Quality Timber Flooring Options in Melbourne, Geelong, and Canberra

Engineered timber flooring presents an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood floorboards, boasting an extensive array of colours and wood grains that closely resemble hardwood. With numerous benefits, each timber panel is crafted by layering different materials for enhanced protection and strength, topped with genuine hardwood for a breathtaking natural aesthetic.

Volare's timber flooring collection provides a distinctive choice in the flooring market, catering to your property's unique needs. Visit any of our flooring showroom locations to speak with our team or delve into further details below.

Things to consider when picking timber flooring

Is engineered timber flooring the right decision for you? It’s highly likely given their versatility and the visual appeal they deliver.

When you have decided that timber flooring will be the perfect flooring for your project, you have to consider:

  • Type of Timber: Choose the specific type of timber that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, budget, and the level of durability required for the space.
  • Finish and Stain: Select the finish and stain that complements the overall design scheme. Consider factors such as gloss level, colour, and texture.
  • Budget: Determine your budget for both the material and installation costs. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.
  • Layout design: Choose between the traditional and widely used straight lay pattern or opt for a more sophisticated appearance with Herringbone or Chevron designs. Note that achieving the distinctive Herringbone and Chevron layouts requires specially designed boards to capture their unique aesthetic.

We’ll answer all these wooden flooring questions below.

Explore Volare’s Timber Flooring Collection: Rich Woodland Colours, Striking Woodgrains, Varied Shapes, Sizes, and Finishes.

Volare’s timber flooring has an expansive array of natural woodland colours and beautiful woodgrains which will inspire your flooring decision. You can visit a flooring showroom to get hands on with the rich woodland taupes, light and dark shades of oak floorboards, domestic Australian wood tones or the lighter stone grey or nordic grey timber floor board.

Unlike laminate or some wood-look tiles, Volare’s timber flooring is supplied in planks and mostly in a matt finish with several gradings. You will recognise them as long thin rectangles which feature natural wood grain aesthetics, elegance and beauty.Discover a diverse range of natural woodland hues and captivating woodgrain patterns that will inspire your flooring choices. Visit our flooring showroom to experience the tactile richness of woodland taupes, the spectrum of light and dark oak floorboards, the warm tones of domestic Australian wood, or the contemporary appeal of lighter stone and nordic grey timber floorboards. Unlike laminate or certain wood-look tiles, Volare’s timber flooring is presented in planks, predominantly featuring a matte finish and standard gradings. Recognisable by their long, slender rectangles, our flooring options showcase the natural aesthetics, elegance, and beauty of wood grain.

Timber Floorboard Layout Designs

70/30 Offset - The timber flooring layout you’re probably most familiar with is the 50/50 Offset layout which positions the start of one tile half way through the one next to it. This classic look will be your safest option as it is a timeless layout.

Herringbone - At Volare we have a beautiful selection of Engineered Herringbone planks purposefully designed to achieve the elegant “zig zag” pattern. This timeless pattern dates back to the Roman Empire and was made famous in Palaces in France in the 17th century. A sure-fire way to add elegance to any home.

Chevron - We also stock a curated selection of Chevron Engineered planks at Volare. A close cousin to Herringbone, a Chevron pattern is made with planks where the ends of each board are cut at an angle. When fitted together, the boards come to a point to create an inverted V pattern.

Staggered - If you’re after a style that’s closer to the ‘random’ side of design, you can always lay your floorboards in a Staggered layout which involves starting one plank about 20% or 80% up the previous tile. Think of the old lego walls you used to build with long pieces.

If the above wooden floorboard layout styles aren’t enough you can always get creative and thrown in all sorts of patterns in your flooring - like adding straight lines then filling them with diagonal Chevron style planks. Google ‘broken chevron flooring’ for inspiration.

Installing timber floorboards

Engineered timber flooring is built with edges that connect with each other without the assistance of glues or adhesives.

An underlay will most likely be required before laying floating timber floorboards but you will need to get further consultation based upon your situation - eg. is it a concrete slab as a base or is your house risen?

Ultimately a professional will be able to do this without hassle but it will be an excellent project for the DIYer looking to reduce the cost of flooring.

Other things to consider before laying engineered timber flooring:

  • Do you have a place to move and store your furniture
  • Is the floor level or will it need leveling?
  • Is there existing flooring such as tiles, carpet or old wooden flooring that needs to be removed first?

What is the cost of Timber Flooring

Compared with other forms of flooring, such as polished concrete or traditional hardwood timber flooring that requires nails, time and professional contractors for installation you will notice that Volare’s engineered timber flooring is affordable, maximises value for money and does not sacrifice visual looks or floor board performance.

You can visit Volare’s timber flooring showroom in Melbourne (Richmond), Geelong and Canberra to view the wooden flooring prices for each range and style.

We sell the wooden floor boards by the square metre (m2) and box sizes may vary based upon size, style and manufacturer.

Need more information on wooden flooring costs? Our flooring team is ready to help you - find your closest timber flooring showroom here.

Timber Floorboard maintenance

A common question our customers ask it “is timber flooring easy to maintain?”

Yes, timber flooring is generally easy to maintain. Timber flooring is known for its relatively easy maintenance. Here is why:

Regular Cleaning: A simple sweep or vacuum to remove dust and debris is usually sufficient. Follow it up with a well wrung mop using a wood floor cleaner recommended for timber.

Avoid Excess Water: Timber and excess water are not the best of friends. Wipe up spills promptly to prevent any potential damage. Protective Measures: Consider using rugs or mats in high-traffic areasor under furniture to prevent scratches and wear.

Periodic Maintenance: Depending on the wear and tear, periodic resealing or refinishing may be needed. This helps restore the shine and protect the wood.

Temperature and Humidity: Timber is sensitive to environmental changes. Maintain a stable indoor climate to prevent any warping or shrinking.

Overall, with a little regular care, timber flooring can maintain its beauty and durability for a long time.

What Next? Find A Timber Flooring Showroom

Volare have flooring showrooms in Melbourne (Richmond), Geelong and Canberra but you can start browsing the ranges of engineered timber flooring styles and colours here online.

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