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Vinyl Floor Affordable DIY Friendly

Why You Should Consider Vinyl Plank Flooring

Remember growing up when vinyl was a thin mat rolled over flooring and perceived as a cheap flooring alternative? Forget it - vinyl flooring is SO much more now while retaining a lower price tag.

The Vinyl Flooring of modern days now comes in planks which are constructed of a heavy duty material with a groove system for easy installation and are available in a variety of wood looks that match even the most attractive hardwood timber flooring.

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The Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

There is no wonder that vinyl plank flooring popularity is on the rise in Australia as the benefits outway the costs while delivering an attractive and functional flooring for your home.

Range of Styles

Vinyl plank flooring comes in many different wood grain looks which you can use to match your interior decorating and home decor. Volare’s range of vinyl flooring comes in an array of colours ranging from light woodgrains to deep and rich timber.


Since the flooring planks are mostly made of sturdy plastic composite with a top layer of vinyl featuring attractive aesthetic, it is suitable for relatively high traffic areas, kids and pets.

Affordable Flooring

Compared to other flooring options, vinyl plank flooring is a cost-effect way to furbish your house without compromising on visual appearance or quality.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean with a dry mop, wet mop and vacuum. Spills can be easily soaked up with no damage to your flooring. It’s great if you have children and pets (or clumsy adults).

Flexible Layout Designs

As vinyl flooring come in a few different plank sizes and a DIY-friendly lock system it gives you options when laying your flooring to create some attractive layout designs. Click here to see flooring layout inspiration.

DIY Friendly

With most engineered flooring these days, the vinyl planks are built with a simple connection featuring a snap lock system. Speak to the team at Volare about the tools you will need and how to install vinyl plank flooring.

Vinyl Planks Are Water Resistant Flooring

Being almost impervious to water penetration, vinyl flooring is a great choice flooring for rooms likely to experience spills like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Though it might not be as water resistant as laminate, it certainly won’t warp like a timber hardfloor will with water exposure.

Luxury Flooring Results

Vinyl planks will still deliver quality results without a matching price tag. With the woodgrain styles and colours available in the range combined with sizes and layout options you can create a stunning result with a comfortable underfoot experience.

Compared to hardwood floors and other hybrid flooring alternatives, vinyl planks are a cheap flooring options which should be seriously considered by the renovator on a budget.

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Start Browsing Vinyl Plank Flooring Online

See the below range of Vinyl Plank Flooring available at Volare Tiles + Flooring. You can visit a flooring showroom near you and get hands on with the ranges while speaking to an expert flooring consultant who would love to hear all about your flooring project.

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