What is Laminate Flooring and why should you consider it for your home?

Laminate flooring is something you most likely have heard about or seen before. It has significantly grown in popularity in recent years, and is being used enthusiastically by renovators, architects and interior designers across Australia and around the world. Laminate flooring has become a fan favourite with its ability to look stunning while withstanding most conditions. In fact, laminate flooring has ten times more impact resistance than Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), meaning less scratches and dents through its lifetime.

Laminate flooring is a terrific alternative to hardwood floorboards for many reasons - they are nearly identical in appearance with a vast range of colours and wood grains available, have outstanding stability, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Volare Tiles + Flooring is committed to supplying Australians with top quality, attractive, modern and cost effective flooring options. As such, we’re excited to deliver new laminate flooring ranges that are loaded with features and peace of mind product guarantees.

What To Consider When Choosing Laminate Flooring

Is laminate flooring the right decision for you? It’s worth considering given its array of colours, visual appeal and functionality that is designed to last.

When you decide that laminate flooring is the ideal flooring for your project, things to consider include:

  • What will be the best floor board colour for your space?
  • Will the laminate flooring be suitable for children, pets and high foot traffic?
  • The cost to lay laminate flooring in your space.
  • Are you able to DIY and lay the laminate flooring yourself, or is it better to hire a professional?
  • Which patterns should you lay the flooring to best suit the space?
We can assist you with all your needs.

Shop our Victoriana range of Laminate Flooring at Volare Tiles + Flooring

Volare’s Victoriana laminate flooring range offers an expansive array of natural woodland colours and beautiful woodgrains which will inspire your flooring decision. You can visit one of our showrooms to explore the rich woodland taupes, light and dark shades of oak floorboards, domestic Australian wood tones or the lighter stone grey or nordic grey timber floor boards.

Laminate flooring is built with edges that connect with each other without the assistance of glues or adhesives. Laminate flooring is an excellent project for the DIYer looking to reduce costs and achieve a stunning, comfortable space.

For more information about our range of tiles and flooring, get in touch with our expert staff here or visit us in store at your nearest Volaré Tiles and Flooring Showroom.

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