Get To Know Your Timber Flooring Options

Volare Tiles + Flooring offers attractive indoor engineered timber flooring and outdoor flooring ranges to home renovations and brand new developments all over Australia.

The huge range of timber flooring options gives you the ability to mix and match multiple flooring styles, lots of timber floorboard colours and wood grain patterns when making the flooring decision for your property.

No matter the style of engineered timber flooring option you decide is best for your project, you can be sure that Volare’s timber flooring range will deliver a natural beauty and the durability you need.

Figuring out where to start looking for engineered timber flooring can be difficult, and most people start with an online search, but it doesn’t need to be that hard! Volare Tiles + Flooring have flooring showrooms and offer free online design consultation where an interior design consultant can run your through the timber flooring options and answer any of your questions.

Otherwise, you can start now by checking out all Volare’s flooring options for your property! Let’s take a look at some of the high quality yet affordable timber flooring below.


Volare Eco Oak Timber Flooring

The range of Volare Tiles + Flooring Eco Oak Timber Flooring brings the natural beauty of traditional warm wood tones and attractive wood grain patterns

Quick links to the Eco Oak Timber Flooring product pages: Volare Eco Oak Azores | Volare Eco Oak Haywood | Volare Eco Oak Natural | Volare Eco Oak Sparta 

Entiva Elk Falls Timber Flooring 

With a much more diverse range of timber colour options you’ll be sure to find a timber flooring option that matches the rest of your properties aesthetic. Whether it be a dark timber or lighter wood grain, the matt finish on these Entiva Elf Fall engineered timber flooring panels is stunning and the durability is strong.

Volare Oak Engineered Timber Flooring 

Oak timber flooring has been used in housing for hundreds of years which is not surprising since there are so many benefits of Oak Timber Engineered Flooring. As you’ll see below, there is a generous array of hardwood colours that oak comes in which you can match to almost anything. 

Entiva Woodland Timber Flooring 

Venturing away from the typical Australian and Western style of traditional wood flooring colours, the Entiva Woodland Timber Flooring brings a cooler, smoother and stone-look grey wood grain colour. No doubt the woodland timber is a terrific option to add elegance and a certain aesthetic appeal to one's living space. 


Interested in timber flooring for your project? You won’t regret it! 

There are lots of ways you can inspect the range of engineer timber flooring that Volare Tiles + Flooring offers Australia-wide.

Flooring Showrooms

You can visit a Volare Tiles + Flooring showroom located:

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Free Online Design Consult

Volare Tiles + Flooring offer FREE online consultation where an expert design consultant will video chat with you to assist all your needs, display some flooring options and prepare samples to be sent to your address.

You can book a time and discover more details by visiting our Free Online Design Consultations page by clicking here.