Interior Design Trends 2021

Recently, Volare Tiles + Flooring welcomed Gail Lee as a Design Consultant in our Richmond showroom. With a passion for design and a wealth of knowledge in the design field, Gail shares with us her expert insights on interior trends for 2021. Hint: it has a lot to do with our emotions!

Bold trend of self-expression
2021 is a year focused on unapologetic self-expression. Our homes wear many hats – teaching us that our space has the potential to be so much more. Say hello to more permanent home updates, including a re-dedication of the dining room and a shift to the not-so-open concept. Home office spaces are now just as integral to living and lifestyle as are the outdoor living spaces, both large and small. They are an essential part of our lifestyle and a more permanent extension of home.

Optimism is in
Maximum style is securing its footing in the design world, with layering and pattern mixing making its way from the runway to the home. Additionally, a major shift to a more cheerful and energetic design language is a whole vibe this year. Uplifting, mineral-inspired hues are the colours of choice this year.

A renewed focus on sustainable design and the use of natural materials will take further precedent. Stone will be the star material of this year, followed by cast metal.

There you have it! A maximalist and sustainable approach to decorating, with pattern combinations, bold colours and earthy textures are the trends of this year.

What do you think? Will you be using these in your home?

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