Bathrooms are a sanctum, a private place to retreat, relax, wash and pamper; so it makes sense to ensure that yours is beautiful, timeless and stylish. It should also be simple and of uncomplicated design to exude a calming serenity and to guarantee a sanitary environment. Today, we’re breaking down the Arcisan Synergii collection and telling you everything you need to achieve the look of this chic bathroom sanctuary. 

Arcisan’s Synergii bathware is both modern and gentle in design. The collection combines the geometric with the organic and effectively merges flat surfaces into flowing rounded forms. 

For this fresh minimalist look, we balanced the space and organic design of the bathware with a neutral palette and complementary contrasting tiles to create a sense of enduring luxury and highlight the room’s natural light. 

We used large white ceramic tiles (Entiva White Matt Rectified Egde) on the walls to lift the room, whilst the blonde timber-like porcelain tiles on the floor create a muted soft vibe and provide a sense of warmth. The linear accents of the black marble wall behind the mirror and floating vanity achieve a gentle anchor and elegant focal point without overwhelming the harmony of the space. 

The addition of a couple of leafy green plants inspires Scandinavian ambience and together with the large windows evokes a transitioning of the outdoors.

In a similar sense, the surfaces of the timber-like floating vanity and white splash-back also provide warmth, offer ample bench space and tie the room together. Floating vanities emanate minimalism, not only are they easy to clean underneath, but the storage space for hiding clutter, promotes a great feeling of calm. 

A good-sized tub is the ultimate amenity for long luxuriating soaks. The simplicity in the design of the Synergii 1700 Freestanding Bath offers design, function, and durability. The materials used to create the bath are also UV resistant, which makes it ideal for positioning under a window or where direct sunlight will hit it. 

Beautiful functional round twin basins are also on the list for luxurious bathroom features. We’ve showcased both sizes here (Synergii 470 Above Counter Basin and Synergii 375 Above Counter Basin) along with the sleek Synergii Wall Mount Basin Mixer which is available in six different finishes. This radical approach to product design successfully merges the flat front surfaces of the mixer into the flowing horizontal elements. 

A feature pendant light sets the mood, while a slick ladder is a great alternative to a towel rack. 

Last, but not least, every bathroom sanctum requires a stylish and functional soft-close toilet. The modern geometric shape of the Synergii Dual Inlet Toilet Suite with Slim Line in this bathroom also eliminates the rim of a conventional bowl, which is a positive tick for hygiene as there are no hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. 

Finally. There you have it. Bathroom bliss.