Three Stunning New Ranges Added

Volare Tiles + Flooring have released three brand new tile ranges to Australia giving homeowners and architects beautiful new options to create spaces with unique personalities.

The three new tile ranges are called Handmade Natural, Real Stone and Organic Porcelain which all have distinctive traits, properties and design flexibility with multiple faces, shades, colours and finishes.

Let’s have a look at each of the new ranges.

Handmade Natural Tile Range

Volare’s Handmade Natural range is unparalleled in natural tones and beauty - even the tile faces have a natural texture which captures and reflects the light in special ways.

The range comes in six colours: Olive, Snow, Sand, Terracotta, Verde and Cotto

Handmade Naturals is available in two sizes, a square 132x132mm and subway tile in 50x250mm which are ideal for splashbacks and decorative feature walls.

Check out the below images of the Handmade Natural range below, see the range page with more details and go to their product pages for more information:

Real Stone Tile Range
Real Stone has been crafted to celebrate the organic beauty of real stone with impeccable design unveiling a spectrum of colours that evoke the essence of nature's grandeur.

Volare’s commitment to excellence is uncompromising, the Real Stone tile range is meticulously crafted to ensure the beauty is matched with durability.

You can see all tile faces and specifications on the Real Stone range page and see all tile face designs, inspiration photos and continue through to each of the product pages for full specifications:

Organic Porcelain Tile Range
Volare’s new Organic Porcelain tile range is your blank canvas inviting you to create stunning floors and captivating walls that will be the envy of all who enter your space.

Available in four elegant colours: pristine white, soothing sand, rustic ash and contemporary grey.

Each tile face has been designed and manufactured to play with light and illuminate your spaces with a natural radiance that enhances the ambiance. See each product page for all specification details: