Top style trends to look out for this year!

2023 is well and truly here, so we thought we would put together some top tips from our expert Volare tile showroom staff for all your interior needs.

Interior Designer, Gail Lee, at the Volare Richmond showroom is currently loving the matt finish tiles. It’s beautiful neutral stone, which is suitable for floors or walls, can be paired with a statement piece. This tile particularly complements the Marazzi Rice Lux Gloss subway tile in the colourway ‘Bianco’ as it gives a timeless and effortless design concept. The Marazzi Rice subway tile is available in both 50x150mm and 150x150mm.

Already proving to be very popular this year is our Entiva Enzo Smart-Tech Moon - a porcelain, stone look tile that is a neutral shade. This product comes in a variety of sizes, from 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 900x900mm to 600x1200mm. The Entiva Enzo range is suitable for floors and walls, with matt and lappato being popular finish options.

"Entiva Enzo Smart-Tech Moon is proving popular this year."

Gail says “While we are seeing this neutral product sell well this year, we do predict that 2023 will see bold and warm hues continue to grow in popularity.

“Neutral tones have dominated interiors for the past few years, and we are starting to see a shift towards a richer palette of deep reds, yellows and blues. We are also seeing a higher demand for textured tiles, checkerboard patterns and artistic statement products”, notes Gail.

Across all of the Volare showrooms recently, we’ve noticed a plateau in demand for minimalist looks with creative tile play and art deco style becoming more prominent. Different shapes and textures and the creative use of colour and space are being explored, particularly deep tones and patterns. We are also seeing mixed timbers highlighted with bold marble look tiles.

Our interior designers recommend exploring textured tiles or luxurious natural stone for your new builds and/or renovation projects this year, particularly colours that are one with nature that blend indoors and out, such as terracotta and moroccan. The bigger the better!

We also recommend making an artistic statement via checkerboard tiles, or any product to achieve art deco exuberance. Complement your Volare tiles with statement lighting and brass fittings for a moody feel.

You also can’t go wrong with the fun, colourful Cevica series or be bold with the Flaviker Supreme Treasure Corchia in gold.

The bold Flaviker Supreme Treasure Corchia in gold.

Another product that has gained a lot of traction so far in 2023 is our new Atlas Concorde Boost Stone Matt series. The precision of the graphics is evident in every detail, recreating the natural tones and irregularities of the original material. The surface of the stone-effect tiles offers an overall uniform view thanks to the compact background and delicate shading. When looking at the product up close, you can see the great attention to detail, thin veins and the multicoloured granules that give the collection a bold personality.

Are you a first time renovator or new home builder?

Our team of expert interior designers have provided the following advice for choosing tiles:
  • Research and make a budget before you get on the tools
  • Once you know the budget, know what your priorities and needs are
  • Invest in the key pieces and save extra costs where possible
  • Know when to outsource - if you aren’t experienced in a particular process, then ensure you get it right the first time by outsourcing it to an expert.
  • Finding the time to renovate can be challenging - don’t underestimate the time required to get the job done - and the time that can be saved by consulting an expert
  • Work to your strengths to keep yourself and your relationships intact
  • Follow your style, with timelessness in mind!
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